High Performing Teams


Do you need to take action with your team to enable your collective best? It might be that you need to:

Launch a new team, include new members or revitalise a mature team, with purpose and passion;
Clarify team priorities, creating a shared understanding and agreement on use of resources;
Create a plan, develop skills and generate momentum with stakeholders relationships and partners;
Create greater trust, improve relationships and ease communication.

Gill How can work with you and your team to create events which have style, impact and performance outcomes. Using latest thinking about team development, team coaching and engagement, these can be one-off events, occasional events or a series of commitments over time.

Here are some recent examples:

A new Finance Team of 17 getting to know each other quickly, to bring their best capabilities together fast, to deliver superior and robust results to tight timescales;

Head Office staff in a global freight forwarding network jumping ahead and setting up a new business venture, allocating roles and responsibilities in line with their individual strengths;

A number of team workshops to develop and then cascade the strategy for essential children’s services within a local authority, and the subsequent impact on service quality;

The IT function of an Asset Management firm generating a global sense of priorities to meet business needs, exceeding demanding user expectations over time.

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The Value of Friendship, In and Out of Work

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In August, my husband Martin, older son Mike and I travelled around nearly all of Ireland for the whole month in our Motorhome. Not only was this a fantastic way to understand more about Irish history, the links with the British and all things in between, it was also a great opportunity to catch up with some of our friends!…

Can You Listen To Understand?

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What difference to outcomes does it make? On a VERY hot day last week, I was part of a team of six facilitators supporting an awayday for an organisation of 120 staff. This was their first face to face meeting post pandemic, they have created a mixture of new hybrid professional offerings, recruited many new staff and wanted a clear…

Channelling Your Saboteurs

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One important thing my colleague and co-founder Iain Smith introduced to our Women in Transport Lead programme, was the work of Shirzad Chamine, and his TED talk “Know Your Inner Saboteurs”. When you have a quiet moment, this is well worth twenty minutes of your time. There is also the free on-line saboteur questionnaire which you can complete; we use…