Living in the “AND”

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How are you this fine Monday morning? In the UK are you returning to the office today for the first time? Coming out of shielding after many months? Or have you just had your lockdown reintroduced, due to your postcode? Or are you now planning 14 days self isolation after your visit to Spain? Easing out of Covid 19 is…

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Open Questions Save The Day!

By | Leadership Development | 2 Comments

You have a niggling thought that you should be doing more to trust your team, as due to COVID 19, they are dispersed now and working from their own homes. You don’t like this, but the truth is, you are anxious about productivity. Are they doing enough? What is reasonable to expect? When will this end? (probably not sometime soon)….

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Coronavirus – No April Fool

By | Leadership Development | 14 Comments

Last time my income dropped to approximately zero it was 2009 with the financial crash. Now I am in the same position with the Corona Virus. But this time it is different. Straight away I experienced an almost overwhelming feeling. I wanted to respond, not react. This time, I wanted to choose, to allow a gap before acting. Between stimulus…

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When Your Boss Enforces Change

By | High Performing Teams | 2 Comments

At work you are getting a new CEO. They have been brought in to improve things. It feels like a big wave of change coming towards you. Whatever the prompt: to keep up with customer expectations, technology advances, social change, revenue, profitability, global growth, all or any of these, your new CEO wants and has been hired to deliver significant…

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