Are you gritty too?

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I laughed, but it felt right, when the Managing Director of my first client organisation described me as gritty. It felt like a back to front compliment, but I knew it was true. For him, working with me meant there was a persistence to see the project through, to keep the quality high and to genuinely search for the best…

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Self Compassion wins the day

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Brexit is beginning to feel like an April Fool, isn’t it. It twists and turns; who knows what the ending to the story will be. Probably only one thing is guaranteed, it cannot be what all of us want. How can we cope in a time like this? However we see our careers developing in such a turbulent context, how can…

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Offer your team feedback on effort

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Are there some things you find easy to do and learn? And others where you think, I will never be able to do that in a million years? It seems that whatever you think, you may be right. I finally engaged with the work Professor Carol Dweck on Growth Mindset. Last week I attended a thought provoking and inspiring workshop…

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