Leadership Development


Do you need to develop your people’s leadership capability? You may wish to improve the performance of key members of staff so that they:

 Bring their best selves to work and use their strengths every day;
 Step up by managing their time, priorities and collaborative relationships really well;
Reconnect with purpose, passion and direction, motivating others to deliver tasks with a heart;
 Are willing to step into the unknown, to innovate and grow.

Gill How can co-create a bespoke leadership programme with you to meet the learning-edge needs of your people. It will be designed to engage participants, use the latest thinking, tackle your current business challenges and be delivered in timescales to suit you.

Here are some recent examples:

On-site accredited leadership development for a team of 12 over the course of a nine-month bid process to develop winning behaviour;

 Leadership coaching for 60 managers to assimilate feedback against strategic competencies and improve operational performance;

 A revitalised global leadership roll-out for an NGO across 42 countries to meet new standards;

Leadership development for the senior team of an asbestos removal firm to grow the revenue and profitability of the business.

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Coming Out Of Lockdown, Know Your Purpose

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We are charting new territory as we restore our freedoms and evolve into the next stage of our lives and careers. What can help? Some of us are languishing, not feeling much joy, we are anxious and afraid. Knowing or re-knowing our purpose can make a very big difference to our focus, energy and confidence. However, this can be easier…

How to Measure One Year of Subtle Career Progress

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Does it feel like you have been stuck in a zoom call for the last 12 months? That your career has been submerged under the weight of water whilst we engage with each other as if all is well? Career progress has not been so concrete, or tangible or evidence based for many of us since Coronavirus. We may have…

Has Willpower run out for you too?

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For the first six weeks of 2021 I had a diet of Willpower, Working and Walking. Then suddenly, one day, there was a sudden dip to Wallowing. The moment for Netflix had arrived. Big time. I didn’t know what to do, but one thing was certain, my energy to persevere had disappeared. My ability to persevere had served me well…