Women in Transport Leadership Programme

Encouraging Gender Representation



Over 60 women participants, 25 transport organisations, 20 guest speakers involved and committed to the initiative

A steady stream of promotions, secondments, further opportunity and visibility in the careers of our participants from increases in self awareness, confidence and levels of action

The launch on the Lead alumnae, offering career long connection and opportunities for our graduates, who also gain an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management

"LEAD is such a worthwhile and valuable programme. The topics explored and support provided by the group and coaches creates a world of opportunity for your development."
Emma Hext
Senior Associate Director of Transport Planning / Jacobs
"I am really enjoying LEAD. I learn so much about myself and am already putting some of the things I learned into practice to influence my career. If you need some inspiration and motivation and some time to think about you and your career, then this is a great programme to take part in."
Isabelle Milford
Head of Station Capacity Planning, System Operator / Network Rail
"The course is excellent and surprisingly insightful. It will provide you with real tools you can use in your current role and the next steps you can take to progress towards your ultimate career goal."
Ruth Anderson
Legal Counsel / Rail Delivery Group - RDG

The client:

LEAD Women in Transport Logo

Women in Transport is a non for profit organisation with 900 members that empowers women working in the transport sector to develop their full potential, offering mentoring, the Lead programme, networking and CPD.

 What we created:

As part of Women in Transport, Gill How and Iain Smith started a partnership called Women in Transport Lead from scratch, with Programme 1 starting in April 2021. Lead is an eight month long programme which needs a commitment of four hours per week from participants. It runs three times each year with a group size of 16-18. We are attracting a wide range of participants from a diverse range of organisations in the transport sector. We work very closely with our client organisations, participants, alumnae, speakers and a range of other stakeholders to maximise the progression outcomes and impact on the sector as a whole.

 The client prompt:

Women in Transport spotted that they had a gap for a leadership programme in their portfolio of offerings. Based on her experience of similar programmes elsewhere, Gill suggested to the CEO creating a bespoke offering for the development of senior women working in the transport sector. .