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Feet on the ground v2Sometimes you reach the stage in your career where the old model doesn’t work any more. It used to work, but…

I’m at that stage right now. Working for myself no longer satisfies, I want to be part of something bigger, contributing my people development skills to a larger goal, within the organisation and as part of the team.

So what’s changed?

When my children were young, working for myself was a brilliant thing to do. I did some great work with some great people, clearly making a difference to business results. I could also juggle my diary with school events and special needs appointments with ease.

It’s different now.

My children are flying the nest. When they need something now, they phone and ask. It’s a huge shift from providing a 24/7 service. My work at home is quiet, too quiet. And yet my energy is high and I want to be part of something larger, offering more.

What are my biggest professional skills? Where am I most energised to contribute, and most reliable in the value I bring?

  • Developing Leaders & Managers – bespoke, stretching leadership training, one to one coaching, performance conversations, talent management, culture development, behaviour programmes, integrating initiatives and interventions over time;
  • Partnership and Collaboration – working consistently and tenaciously with the organisation’s requirements, senior stakeholders, multi disciplinary teams, internal and external resources to create, influence and add value;
  • Focus on Business Change and Results  – I bring innovative approach to learning linking to change and improvement, a clear focus on creating outstanding results, and persistence to reach the goal.

The assignments with Arriva, American Express, Southern Railway and Hewlett Packard (EDS) demonstrate these qualities. Winning bids, improved employee engagement, customer satisfaction, profitability, contract renewal – are the results achieved through developing their leaders.

These assignments lasted many months, and on occasion, years. As well as working closely with the CEO, Change Director, HR Director or Head of Learning & Development, I often led and project managed a team.

Work of this calibre usually needed me to work as part of the team two days a week.

This is the shift I am after. My goal is now to be part of a team like this on a four or five days basis per week.

It’s a refocus to interim, contract and project work, ideally as part of an in-house team. I’m open to considering permanent work too.

Can you help me?

There are three things I would genuinely appreciate from you:

  • Ideas for where initiatives needing my people development and change management skills might be. What’s coming up? Where is developing people an important part of business change and success
  • Introductions, for cups of coffee, to meet people who might need my skills as part of their team. If that’s not possible, introductions to people who might know that person. Roads can lead to Rome in more than one direction and by a series of steps!
  • Feedback on my approach – I have updated my LinkedIn profile and CV – do they show me at my best? Would else would my next project team need to know?

Every conversation is a step

One step at a time. Feet on the ground. To me, this is how change happens.

My new walking boots are serving me well.

Let me know if I can help you with your refocus too. I’m always keen on making conversations a two way street.

Get in touch. Even if you are not sure how we can help each other yet, it’s always good to talk!

Gill is passionate about developing the leadership capability of professionals in organisations to help them manage change and achieve their desired business results. She is looking for opportunities to contribute within an in-house team on an interim, contract or permanent basis.

If you would like to meet Gill for a coffee, to explore how she could contribute to your organisation’s success, please contact her here.

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