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Turning Profitability Around

Facilitating teamwork at Hewlett Packard



 Transformed an overtly dissatisfied client organisation into a satisfied customer, with subsequent contract renewal.

Account costs and profitability restored to acceptable levels.

Increase in staff satisfaction and retention.

Call centre and order fulfilment processes now fit for purpose.

"Gill was excellent at helping us to raise awareness of the issues that needed to be addressed. From this she enabled us to create a plan and gain the necessary buy-in to implement changes that stood the test of time."
Sales Account Manager
EDS, now HP
"We found the expert and constructive facilitation very useful in helping us brainstorm, organise our thoughts, perform analysis and build consensus. We really enjoyed working with Gill."
Participant, Delivery Team
EDS, now HP

The client:

EDS, an outsourced services provider, now part of global information technology company Hewlett Packard.

 What we created:

Gill worked with the sales account leadership team, the overall account team and their client organisation by facilitating a range of different workshops over a number of months to surface issues and create solutions, resulting in measurable financial improvement. She added value by putting the account leadership team and the customer in the same room to share perceptions of each other and initiate joint problem-solving, leading to a bespoke implementation path.

 The client prompt:

A call centre and associated order fulfilment processes which were being operated for the client organisation were failing to hit profit targets, the staff were demoralised and the client was extremely unhappy.