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What is soft to you?

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Last month I was delivering soft skills training in Russia, the month before Poland. This is part of a global roll out for a company wanting to increase its competitive edge. They want their clients to be addicted to working with them, for soft skills to be their winning edge. They want all 1200 staff to reduce their customers’ anxiety…

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Wadi Rum Hello World

Learning from Setbacks

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Recently I was a guest speaker on a panel at the Women in Sales Awards Judging Day.  Our topic was learning from setbacks. Together with the fantastic other speakers, the moderator and of course all the finalists themselves, we surfaced understanding about what this might mean in a sales context. The first thing we asked ourselves is, what is a…

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An alternative to overcontrol

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On the surface, control is attractive. As a manager, the feeling of control can give you security, certainty and eliminate uncomfortable ambiguity from the task in hand. It can help you to feel strong and warm inside, on top of things and, well – in control! It’s nearly as good as endorphins and yet, at best, it’s short term sticking…

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House Language 2

Does this house look sad to you?

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Many of my clients like to develop their emotional intelligence in their coaching work with me. Whether emotional intelligence is innate or something we need to learn from scratch, we can all improve. Some of us use visual clues automatically when working with others. The rest of us can benefit from making this an explicit habit. Our eyes provide us with information about…

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