Matoke Delegation

What’s Your Visual Monitor?

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  I really like matoke, a staple foodstuff in Uganda. It’s made by steaming and compressing cooking bananas in nearly every home everyday. Families monitor stocks of these bananas visually and easily, to make sure you have enough and never run out. Last month with my colleague Duncan Mutembani we delivered our flagship programme “Growing Your Leadership Edge” for the…

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Can You Press the Button?

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  Recently my mother had a fall and waited 48 hours to “press the button” for an ambulance to take her to hospital. Why did she wait? A mixture of reasons. She hoped the fall was more minor, and that the pain would be manageable. She hoped to get better by herself, with peace and quiet. It is her way…

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Feet on the ground v2

Refocussing – One Step At A Time

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Sometimes you reach the stage in your career where the old model doesn’t work any more. It used to work, but… I’m at that stage right now. Working for myself no longer satisfies, I want to be part of something bigger, contributing my people development skills to a larger goal, within the organisation and as part of the team. So…

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parcels feedback surprise

Feedback – Friend or Foe?

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  “Can I give you some feedback, Gill?” How do you react when someone unexpectedly offers you feedback? Intellectually most of us know that feedback should be helpful, that we should treat it as a friend. The problem is, particularly if unsolicited, feedback can feel like a foe. We don’t know in advance what’s inside the parcel. We don’t know…

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Curious about Culture Change

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  “We want to get as many people as possible excited about railway travel!” This was the strapline of OBB-Infrastruktur, part of the Austrian Federal Railways, shown at a presentation in Vienna last week. I was part of forty railway professionals from the UK, learning about ambitious work both planned and in progress to transform the contribution of rail in all…

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The sport target with three arrows, closeup

How to Avoid Expensive Mistakes

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With the evolution of bid management, recruiting the right bid leader for your business can be extremely challenging.  It is littered with risk and has the potential for missed opportunity if not planned for effectively. The direct and indirect cost of an ineffective hire in this role can be significant. The right bid leaders will have the ability to: Build…

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