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Unplanned Customer Satisfaction!



 Staff engagement up by 10 per cent.

 Customer satisfaction up by 15 per cent.

 Staff retention at an outstanding 100 per cent.

"It is clear from the exceptional result achieved from working with Gill that by developing coaching proficiency in my leaders, our existing strategies and actions taken to improve business performance were amplified."
Gina Baumgardt
former Vice President / Amex Business Travel
"The coaching skills training was outstanding. I am so appreciative of your ability to adapt to our diverse team and integrate our lingo. The team are looking forward to their individual coaching sessions. Thank you for an inspiring course!”
Participant Coaching Skills Training
Senior Manager / AMEX Business Travel

The client:

A multinational financial services corporation known for its credit card, charge card and traveller’s cheque businesses.

 What we created:

We designed a coaching skills programme which was delivered in three languages to 140 managers across Europe over the course of three months. Follow-on activities and evaluation showed an unexpected further benefit in that these skills were being used with customers to enquire, clarify and improve outcomes and satisfaction.

 The client prompt:

Missed targets in employee engagement required rapid action.