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Creating a Global Business Network



Completion of a trio of networks and further supporting services to maintain prime position in an increasingly competitive market.

Demonstrable innovation and leading-edge contribution in a crowded market.

A stronger, more capable leadership team focussed on creating profitable growth.

"A leadership qualification proved a very beneficial way to embrace a wide variety of management theories and techniques to improve the development of my businesses.”
Rachel Humphrey
President/CEO / Cargo Connections
"After the strengths workshop for the new business with my Head Office staff, we all left feeling both energised and positive both about the business and our future roles.”
Rachel Humphrey
President/CEO / Cargo Connections

The client:

Entrepreneur and business owner of global freight forwarder networks.

 What we created:

Rachel’s active participation on the open programme of the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management allowed her to own more fully her innate leadership ability. From further executive coaching and a business development workshop with her Head Office staff she was able to create a new, complementary network that allowed her team to expand the use of existing resources.

 The client prompt:

To ensure the organisation’s leadership capability could fully meet the tangible needs of their growing business ambition.