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Confidence in Career Success



Clarification of core strengths to deliver positive outcomes to all stakeholders.

Confidently secured an outstanding permanent position.

Extension of coaching to ensure high-level performance in new role.

"Gill's guidance was exceptionally useful. She helped me identify my strengths and how to use them in the context of consultant interview and ongoing management practice."
Dr Andrew Flatt
Consultant Microbiologist / NHS

The client:

Dr Andrew Flatt, Consultant Microbiologist, Portsmouth Hospitals Trust.

 What we created:

Gill facilitated two individual coaching sessions – the first to clarify what  Dr Andrew Flatt wanted from his new role as a locum consultant, to help him transition from his previous position as a senior registrar and to gauge what was involved in all areas of the job from leadership, managerial and political perspectives; the second to complete an online strengths tool and clarify and name his top three strengths, which he had used to great effect while problem-solving and relationship-building with key stakeholders. When the opportunity arose for Andrew to apply for a permanent role, Gill’s coaching helped him perform at his best at the interview stage.

 The client prompt:

To excel in his locum position and go the distance in his permanent role, mastering it in the minimum possible time to achieve patient outcomes