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I am getting ready to deliver customer service training for a digital infrastructure company.

One of the activities we ask participants to do is to write down THREE words to describe their very best, ideal self:

What might yours be? When I did the exercise, my answers were:

  1. Brave
  2. Compassionate
  3. Connected

We ask the learners to take the exercise extremely seriously. We ask them to be true to themselves, to make it real. Then, we ask them to create ways to remind themselves of their words every day. Some use their phone or their toolbox or laptop, maybe with pop up reminders and visuals.

We ask them to remind themselves every day of who they are and who they can be with customers.

It’s an interesting exercise. It can be quite revealing. Particularly if the words that come out don’t sound, as in my case, the most obvious “business speak”.

Let me ask you again, what might your words be?

If not “business speak”, your words could be very much more “human speak” like mine. They can make a huge and positive difference to how you engage with customers and colleagues every day.

It’s your choice.

And here’s the thing: the secret differentiator in our training philosophy is that it’s all about emotional connection with customers. The task comes second.

I encourage you to do this exercise, and also to think about how your words combine.

For my words, bravery is better in use with people when combined with compassion – both self compassion and that for others. It keeps me grounded that we might all be having a difficult time, and yet allows me to be courageous in finding out what the real problem is that needs to be solved.

“We are hard wired for connection”, some of the words from one of my gurus, Dr Brene Brown. It’s about being in things together. This really helps when I feel a solo, and that I have to fix things on my own. It reminds me that I can be, and am, connected with others.

What can you do with your words?

How can your words combine so that you are really clear about how you engage with your customers, and deliver the customer service they both hope for and require?

Are you curious about the photo? This is one of ways my colleague Jules Murray reminds herself of her three words – Present, Excited, Confident.

If you would like to know more about what we offer, and how we can help your people develop greater emotional connection with your customers to improve results, get in touch.

Gill How is a National Training Award Winner and a Master Executive Coach.  She loves to work with leaders, managers and professionals, to help develop their awareness and skills, to enhance their work with their teams, and to improve their performance and business results. If she can add value to your Learning & Development team or your Leadership Development consultancy, get in touch.

Photo credit: Gill How

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