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Behaviour Change Programmes

Do you need help with getting your people to behave differently? For example, how they engage with your customers, with each other and with you as their manager? It might be that you want your people to:

Be more commercial and more strategic in outlook, considering a longer timeframe in decision making;
Communicate more consistently, more proactively, more “can do”;
Manifest mutual respect, co-operation and collaboration with others – reducing “Us” and “Them”;
Be more willing to have the difficult conversations to understand impact on each other and achieve performance breakthrough.

Gill How can help you diagnose the requirements of your organisation, your starting point and what success looks like. She will help you create small, distinct, do-able steps and then help you to embed and sustain behaviour changes within your people. A wide range of change management techniques will be called upon and combined to create your bespoke programme.

Here are some recent examples:

Coaching skills for managers in a financial services firm to drive engagement with staff and improve satisfaction and profitability with customers;

Cross-functional working to enable the IT department of a bank and its IT supplier to work together to deliver desktop solutions for staff, reducing delivery from 30 days to five;

Training for all managers in an education specialist to conduct performance conversations from a starting point of positive intent and development;

Educating all clergy in a diocese to work co-operatively and innovatively across boundaries to maximise the use of assets.