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2017 needs to be the year for getting involved, not standing on the side. This applies to me too. For years I would swim and not get my hair wet. There was nothing my kids liked more than getting my hair wet. But now, to their disappointment, I do it for myself. What happened?

Our local swimming centre advertised improvement sessions – offering feedback on your current style. Last month I signed up. Two sessions on and my progress is remarkable.  Absolutely worth getting my hair wet!

How is this a metaphor for 2017? Whether you voted for or against Brexit, for or against Trump, the world seems a very unexpected place right now. Many of us, privately at least, seem not sure how to move our organisations forward. There is a risk we tread water while we wait for each other to go first. This may be unacceptable to our customers and stakeholders. Treading water may cause a project, relationship or business to fail.

I believe we can unlock this cycle of delay by getting our hair wet. We can move through our reservations by:

  • Being honest about how we feel
  • Surfacing the stories we are telling ourselves so we can create the most liberating set of possibilities about our new context
  • Working as part of a team.

These strategies can help us with our most positive, active response to current challenges. They can also encourage us to celebrate tiny steps of success every day.

I want to take my own advice too. In 2017 I am holding an intention for all of my work to be as part of a team or collaborative venture. I am ready for larger, more demanding challenge.

Get your hair wet to move forward.

Do you need your people to get their hair wet, engage, change their behaviour, move the organisation forward and deliver ambitious results on time and budget? Can I augment your team? If so, please get in touch.

Gill How is expert at creating innovative people development solutions which change organisational culture, behaviour and results. For an exploratory conversation about how she could be part of your team or collaborative venture, get in touch.


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