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River Nile

We delivered our new four-day course “Growing Your Leadership Edge” in Kampala, Uganda and then went to visit the source of the Nile.

Why? It was an opportunity to see more of this beautiful country before coming home, and there is something about the allure of the very idea, isn’t there, about finding the source of this great river.

In the boat, one of us was massively out of our comfort zone. An irony which did not escape us, given that we had offered this exact same experience to our programme participants every day for the previous four days, as part of growing their leadership edge.


The source of the River Nile – where the river emerges from Lake Victoria


Let’s backtrack. I am delighted to be working in collaboration with Duncan Mutembani from SparkSync, a company which specialises in delivering training and benchmarking services to businesses in Africa. We ran our first leadership programme in Uganda last month.

It was great to find that I could both thrive in a new context and work as part of a team to create an outstanding learning climate.

The course was a collaboration from start to finish, with each and every one of us, including participants, wanting to gain the most from the experience.  We supported each other. This allowed each of us to feel more, if not absolutely safe entering discomfort, experience something new and then grow our leadership capability.

Engaging with our strengths in developing our leadership style

Engaging with our strengths in developing our leadership style


I have grown in capability too. I have come back with a spring in my step and knowledge that I can do more. I have strong and happy memories from working with great leaders in Uganda who are ready and willing to step up and I cannot wait to be back in February to deliver more.

All of us from the inaugural " Growing Your Leadership Edge" course

All of us from the inaugural ” Growing Your Leadership Edge” course


This is what some of our participants had to say about growing their leadership edge, perhaps whilst they were finding the source of their own Nile:


“I have found out more about who I am, what else is already there that I can now gather within me, so that I can reach out and be the sort of leader I need to be.”  Board Chairman


“The course was quite different; not a one-way lecture room style but a mode where we all communicate what we know and what works. It’s not just text book, but enables us to live within our leadership challenges and create answers that function and are real.”  Senior Manager


“My leadership skills are sharpened, I can draw out the emotions of my team, blend them with my own and deliver the objectives of the organisation.”  Director, Financial Services.


And we were delighted to share our thoughts and views on Ugandan National TV:

If you would like more details about our four-day programme “Growing Your Leadership Edge” or to sign up for the next course in February, please contact Gill or Duncan at your earliest convenience.

Celebratory dinner and certificates at the end of the course

Celebratory dinner and certificates at the end of the course


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Photo Credits: SparkSync

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