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Warning on the road

There were concerns before Brexit. The road looked straightforward, but who really knew what was ahead. What happened was a surprise for all of us … with help from Namibia here is a story about the range of emotions on the Brexit road so far, and two things that might help you as a leader in the days ahead.


Err, this Brexit result is not what I expected. It feels like brand new territory. Is the road still there? Oh, watch out for rhino!


Oh, not rhino. Giraffe! Large and real. Is it going to get out of the way of the way fast enough?


Lots of dust and glare. We need headlights in the day. I’m so confused. The country is divided about this change just like the stripes on this zebra.


It’s first light and the wild dogs are running away – will there be more resignations today?


This whole thing now seems like a spectator sport, watching for the next move. Lions are lining up for action.


Thank goodness the matriarch is now firmly in charge and keeping the focus.


So things are now stabilising – but let’s check – is anything coming through on the Left?


Ugh – I’m feeling a bit low now. This Brexit stuff could go on for a long time before decisions are made.


And so far outcomes feel like elephant poo on the road, large and conspicuous. I need to remember it burns well and can heat the house in winter…


I used to feel I had a solid, tarmac road ahead of me, its all changing, there’s even a sign saying so…


Wow, this is so, so soft I’m not sure I can even drive now. Talk about feeling powerless. Are you sure this is a road?


I’d really, really like some tarmac again now. Something resembling hope and optimism. How much further is it please?


But it’s not clear cut is it, it’s likely there’s more than one Brexit road ahead… it’s not at all obvious how to make progress ..


In all this uncertainty, I’d like to take some control back! Having my car serviced must be a good idea, keeping spare tyres on board too …


And I can influence how I am with my team, even if we disagree sometimes. We can choose to spend time with each other, relax and have a cup of tea before working this out and moving on.



However you voted, it’s easy to feel at the mercy of Brexit right now, isn’t it. Powerless and that any positive change is a very long way ahead.

However, unlike the Brexit road ahead, your vehicles (resources, resourcefulness and readiness to travel), and your relationships (your team, the synergy, collaboration and camardarie from working with others) are things you can still skill up for and influence starting from now.

Can I help you with your way ahead? I’d love to help you get back on your road and make progress with your journey.

Gill How has over twenty years experience of helping senior leaders step into the unknown, co-create their future and deliver visible results. If you would like to meet for an exploratory cup of coffee to help develop your response to Brexit or other challenges, contact her here.

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Photo credits: Martin & Gill How, Namibia and Botswana 2015.


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