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Tree trunk, over 250 million years old, “turned to stone” in Petrified Forest, Damaraland, Namibia


Does it feel 250 million years since you last took a look at what you most genuinely want to achieve? What you yearn to accomplish, or at the very least, give a go?

So many of us have lost touch with these things. Our reasons are many and various, recession, disability, parenting, redundancy, divorce, others telling us it’s too difficult, not sensible or unrealistic – all these things can take a knock on our hopes and energy. I can help you get back on track to reconnect with the dreams in the real you. The person who, in the quiet and the calm, does know what they want to achieve, although they may find it hard to say.


Finding your way in the Namibian countryside, sometimes there is a twist in the road

Finding your way in the Namibian countryside, sometimes there is a twist in the road


What might reconnecting with your dreams allow? Your creative side might re-ignite. You might start to wonder again, to get curious about what your ambition needs to be today. You may need to revisit your beliefs about the contribution you now want to make – what is alive for you in the context of today. The stories from school, parents, siblings, friends from way back then, may no longer apply.

I like building things. I like improving things for people. I like to achieve as part of a team. I think I already and always knew these things, but I didn’t know how I could use them to make a living. I didn’t know how they were of value to people, and I was too afraid to ask. What helped me shift?


The fossilised tree trunk might be a launch pad of sorts for this gecko…


It started with one of my earliest blogs “Alive as a Guide”. My accident where I broke my elbow (now four years ago), brought life being finite into sharp focus. A philosophy of “Best do it now” emerged. I am better at asking for help with things too. Support is too important and too valuable to leave to another day.

What could your process of ignition, sparking or re-sparking your dreams, energy and ambition be? I’d love to help accelerate your progress in a way which makes you on fire and truly proud.


Can your fossilised dreams unlock a genuine path to your future?

Can your fossilised dreams unlock a genuine path to your future?


Given recent events, might the outcome on Brexit accentuate, heighten or bring into sharper focus the idea that the time to revisit what you want to achieve is right now?


Gill How has over twenty years experience of executive development, offering coaching at the highest level to help key individuals meet their goals.  If you would like an exploratory conversation to explore how you and she could work together to help you unfossilise your dreams and reconnect with your potential, contact her here


For the interested:  The Petrified forest  in Damaraland, Namibia, contains a deposit of large tree trunks which have “turned to stone” through a process of diagenesis. It is believed that the trees were swept downstream by a large flood and covered by alluvial sands. Deprived of air, the organic matter could not rot and decay, but instead, over millions of years, underwent silicification, whereby each cell is individually fossilised and the appearance, if not the colour, of wood is retained. The surrounding sands became sandstone, which is now eroding away.


Photo Credits: Martin How

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