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Who am I to you?

By Leadership Development4 Comments

Am I this person? “I think Gill How is not the trainer suitable for our company. Her manner is too slow, I felt she is not interested in the topic herself. The session was extremely boring.” Or this person? “Gill is the best trainer I have ever seen. She is a good motivator. She is very patient, understanding and helps…

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Feedback – Friend or Foe?

By Leadership Development2 Comments

  “Can I give you some feedback, Gill?” How do you react when someone unexpectedly offers you feedback? Intellectually most of us know that feedback should be helpful, that we should treat it as a friend. The problem is, particularly if unsolicited, feedback can feel like a foe. We don’t know in advance what’s inside the parcel. We don’t know…

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When the pressure in a bid team is high…

By High Performing Teams2 Comments

  We’ve all been there. When the pressure is high and the temptation to find fault with your bid colleagues is extremely tempting. This is the stage in the bid when the hard work has nearly all been done, the solution created, the interdependencies worked through, the financial model is coming together and the submission date is looming. There’s an oxymoron; when the bid…

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When strengths hurt (and what can help)

By Leadership DevelopmentOne Comment

Recently I attended an assessment day, as part of finding out more about becoming an associate of a leadership development company. I gave a presentation on “Developing a strengths based culture to improve performance”. It felt very me, innovative, leading edge, experimental, not yet quite proven, at least not on any large scale basis that I am aware of, yet…

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