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Galvanizing Your Leaders To Stretch And Grow

If your leaders need to communicate your strategic direction, engage everyone to deliver an inspiring aspiration or realise a values led transformation, you probably need Gill How.

Blog – Bringing leadership alive

Gill How’s blog offers a breath of fresh air on the challenges of purposeful leadership and learning today. It offers original perspective and is valued for being surprising, inspiring and useful. Read more…

About – Gill How

Gill How loves to help people stretch and grow in their leadership confidence. She is tenaciously supportive, inspiring your excellence and the outcomes you desire. What is your unique challenge? Read more…

Arriva wins two rail franchises

Arriva Trains UK is now delivering two vital rail franchises. The investment made with Gill How to inspire a winning spirit has brought a threefold benefit of confidence, commitment and culture. Read more…


"Gill was instrumental in supporting Southern's ambition to transform our leadership approach to a more coaching style, fundamentally shaping my own behavioural approach to work."
Chris Burchell
former Managing Director / Southern Railway
"The most stretching, thought provoking and useful coaching I have experienced, benefitting both me personally and the team I was leading, as a consequence of my greater effectiveness. A valuable contribution to winning the Northern Rail franchise."
Phil Heathcote
whilst Bid Director, Northern Rail Franchise / Arriva UK Trains Ltd
"Excellent facilitation of the ILM Level 5 Leadership and Management Certificate, with activities to embed learning between Group Learning Days which really worked for me."
Jan Alvino
Managing Director / Amiante STR Ltd