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Open Questions Save The Day!

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You have a niggling thought that you should be doing more to trust your team, as due to COVID 19, they are dispersed now and working from their own homes. You don’t like this, but the truth is, you are anxious about productivity. Are they doing enough? What is reasonable to expect? When will this end? (probably not sometime soon)….

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Get forensic about your language!

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Sometimes on our leadership development journeys, we can feel small or scared or stuck. For example, we may yearn for a next step with our career, but tell ourselves that we can’t get that promotion. Or we tell ourselves that no one would ever give us the necessary buy-in to lead the team, or something else. So, unilaterally and without…

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Offer your team feedback on effort

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Are there some things you find easy to do and learn? And others where you think, I will never be able to do that in a million years? It seems that whatever you think, you may be right. I finally engaged with the work Professor Carol Dweck on Growth Mindset. Last week I attended a thought provoking and inspiring workshop…

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